Healthier Sleep, starts here.

Here at EcoDreams®, we take great satisfaction in providing the best sleep experience possible. For over 20 years we have innovated special materials to create a healthier way to sleep. With eco-friendly products and non-harmful chemicals, we have formed a solution for better sleeping. 

Fall asleep faster

With the unique technology of the EcoDreams mattress you can anticipate better quality sleep.

Toss & Turn less

Our support layer allows your body to be evenly balanced throughout the mattress and also reduces 75% of movement.

our background

 As our bodies grow and evolve it has become increasingly important to receive adequate rest in order to perform daily routines. The EcoDreams® mattress has exceptional durability which allows the mattress to maintain long-lasting comfort for many years. The crafting of materials allows the mattress to minimize pain, create support and improve sleep quality.Our goal has been to steadily increase the comfort levels of our mattresses by combining eco-friendly materials and an environmentalism approach to increase awareness for a healthier atmosphere.

With the use of CertiPUR-US® approved foam you can be assured that our materials are highly resilient for quality and environment awareness. Our certification with CertiPUR-US® ensures our emission levels are held to standard and verifies that each one of our mattresses goes through chemical analysis and physical performance testing. All of our mattresses are created without heavy metals or harmful materials.

Eve D.Koppelman,mspt

Our mattresses give the body the preferred amount of reinforcement, but also help support the joints and muscles after a long day. The memory foam, in combination with the gel, will conform to the body's structure and help maintain thermal regulation. Furthermore, our goal has been to produce a healthier innovation for a good night sleep. The initiative behind our product focuses on "green" resources and customer satisfaction. This modern idea has allowed our experts to take environment-friendly materials and use them for efficiency and practical purposes. As a result, our users sleep better. Sleeping on an EcoDreams mattress will allow your body and mind to unwind after a long day. Quality of sleep is important. On the other hand, the quality of sleep will help increase your mind's focus and your body's productivity throughout each day.

Cutting edge technology

While developing our mattresses we did not want to lose the original concept of the memory foam invention. Accordingly, our engineers cautiously incorporated the original technology from NASA, the renowned space organization. Taking these cues from NASA, ultimately we wanted to create a mattress that encouraged a healthy lifestyle. Using products that reduced our carbon footprint, which is better for the environment, we decided to use natural bamboo to develop our mattress.

cooling gel

The breath-ability helps dissipate the heat your body generates upon contact with it, providing a cooler sleeping surface.

Charcoal bamboo

The temperature used in carbonizing bamboo charcoal will affect its absorption capacity of various harmful chemicals.

support layer

This layer provides support for your body by evenly distributing weight across the surface allowing less toss and turn.

Organic cotton

Ours covers are made with 100% organic cotton. The organic cotton is grown organically with no pesticides, chemicals or herbicides.